Items are sold to the highest bidder at the auction on dedicated auction days, or previously notified. The auctioneer may change the order of lots as notified in the catalogue and has discretion to combine and divide lots. Should complaints emerge regarding the winning of an item, the auctioneer has discretion to resume the auction from the preceding bid.

Viewing of the lots before auction
All lots will be on display prior to auction, in the case of traditional auctions, or can be viewed by appointment for online auctions, in order to examine the quality and condition of items; no complaints will be accepted after the hammer, even if there are errors in the catalogue. We would like to remind that with the purchase at the auction all lots are sold “As is” and “Where is”. No statement regarding age, condition, kind, value, or quality of a lot, whether made orally at the auction or at any other time, or in writing in this catalogue or elsewhere, shall be construed to be an express or implied warranty, representation, or assumption of liability. Completed condition reports are posted as an additional image with the lot. Capitolium Art does not give refunds.

Therefore, acting “in the name and on behalf of” the principal according to the Civil Code, we would also like to remind you that Capitolium Art S.R.L has a role of mere intermediary between the client, for whom we undertake to put on sale the lots as they are given to us with an order to sell, and the purchaser who takes the responsibility to personally examine the state of preservation and the quality of the lots and related documentation during the showing before the auction. All the lots and the relative documentation can be freely and personally consulted at Capitolium Art, or through our website, for 15 days preceding each auction. In addition, as established in the conditions to which the participation in each auction is subordinated, “no complaints are admitted after the award.”

Buyer's premium
The hammer price of an item is increased by 22% to the buyer, to include buyer's premium and VAT.

Antique items declared of significant interest under art. 6 of Legislative Decree 29/10/99 no.490 are indicated as such in the catalogue or announced during the sale. On such items, the Italian State may exercise the right of first refusal within 60 days of the sale notice; the sale, therefore, will only take place after the deadline has passed. In the event that the right of first refusal being exercised, the bidder will be entitled to reimbursement of any amounts already paid.

Absentee bids
During the sale, the auctioneer may start the bidding from offers made by buyers who cannot attend the auction. Proxy bids can be made at this link: ABSENTEE BIDS

Telephone bidding
For those who cannot be present in the room on the day of the auction there is also the opportunity to participate by telephone. Applications for telephone bids can be made at this link: TELEPHONE BID

Live participation via internet
On the dates and times scheduled for the auction sessions it is possible to follow live audio and video of the auction room online and, following registration, make bids in real time. Requests to participate via the internet can be made at his link: BID LIVE

Written, telephone and internet bids
For those who cannot attend the auction in person, Capitolium Art will be pleased to execute written, telephone or internet bids. Please note that this service is free of charge and Capitolium Art therefore accepts no responsibility for offers inadvertently omitted or errors in the execution of bidding, especially in the case of incorrectly completed, incomplete or illegible bidding forms.

Security deposit 
For new customers the auction house may require the payment of a security deposit in order to participate to the sales. This deposit must be paid in the forms of payment allowed by the general terms and conditions, in the cases and in the amounts determined by the Auction House.

Condition is not stated in the catalogue. The absence of such reference does not imply that the lot is in good condition or free from faults. Prospective buyers should satisfy themselves by inspection as to the condition of each lot. Condition reports can, however, be provided on request, but are for general guidance only and any such report is, of necessity, subjective.All those who take part in the sale fully accept these regulations and upon acquiring any item assume legal responsibility for the purchase made. Any dispute will be the resolved by the Court of Brescia.