1. Valuations: Capitoliumart provides valuations of works of art free of charge before they are offered for auction. A provisional valuation can be made from photographs. All photographs must be accompanied by an indication of the size, author or presumed author, technique and potential date of execution and the presence or absence of documentation (authentication, provenance, publications, etc.) related to the work. Valuations may be carried out at the seller's home by appointment. The auction house will not be responsible for returning paperwork (documents and images) received.
  2. Reserve price: A reserve price will be agreed before the auction; this is the minimum amount at which the lot can be sold. This figure is strictly confidential and will be secured by the auctioneer through appropriate bids. If the reserve price is not reached, the lot will be unsold.
  3. Advance Payments: For commissions with a minimum value of €3,000.00, a cash advance is provided to the seller of up to 20%, calculated from the total of the reserve prices on a single sales mandate. This amount will be recovered at the time of payment for items sold. For information email: amministrazione@capitoliumart.it.
  4. How to ask an evalutation:
  • BY EMAIL: valutaopera@capitoliumart.it
  • MMS OR WHATSAPP: +39 030.48400
  • POST: CapitoliumArt Auction House - Via C. Cattaneo 55 - 25121 Brescia.