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12/30 + V. The work consists of 32 sculptures (whose average height is 75 cm) each different from the other, executed entirely by hand on the artist's prototype and 32 tablets to be placed on a shelf or on the floor in order to create a chessboard . The material mainly used is wood and, given the size of the chessboard, it is possible to expose the pieces on a three-shelf shelving similar to a bookcase occupying a space of 2.50 meters in height and 2.50 meters in width per wall. 25 cm deep. The 34x34 cm tablets can be collected and stacked. Each piece bears a seal and hand numbering. Authentication on photograph signed by the artist and with the publisher's seal. The work is accompanied by the book "Gli Scacchi di Baj", Mastrogiacomo Edizioni - Padova, with an introduction by Pietro Bellasi and texts by Olivier Revault d'Allones.

Technique: Wood

Measures: 272,00 x 75,00 x 272,00 cm

Year: 1988

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