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Armchair in wood and original fabric, the only example in the world coming from the Albergo Mediterraneo in Sanremo; for which also Lucio Fontana, who painted the stuccos of the walls, contributed to the decoration of the furnishings, Adriano Spilimbergo who took care of painting the bar furniture and the circus-themed walls and Aligi Sassu who painted a mythological wall entirely. 1950. "We know that the" pure "arts influence the applied arts with their formal research: in this way a deviation of the autonomous form takes place. [...] But architects are men, they are artists, and their mind and their hand fall in love with some forms and apply them, so Renzo Zavanella with these little seats and armchairs in the new rooms of the Albergo Mediterraneo in San Remo worked in selecting some abstract forms of nineteenth-century nostalgia and his backs I would say belong more to sculpture, to plastic, to taste than to furniture, to the piece of furniture. A sculptor, a sculptor, has substituted himself for the designer of furniture. [...] We are witnessing the torture of the chair, of this honest and easy tool that everyone wants who to move towards an abstract sculpture, who towards a mechanism, who towards the ghosts of the past The suggestions that guided Zavanella put him on the same creative level as the artists he called to complete the ambies nts of the Mediterranean of San Remo. " Publications: Domus, n. 248, July 1950, p. 84-85 - Domus, n. 249, August 1950, p. 84-85 - Domus, n.501, august 1971, p. 105

Technique: Wood and fabric

Measures: 73,00 x 95,00 x 66,00 cm

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