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Work composed of six elements: a) numbered and signed HC X / X l.fontana (on the base) container in lacquered wood 36.5x24x6.5 cm b) numbered H.C. X / X (in the door) printed book 19.6x14.8x2.3 cm c) numbering and monogram EA X L.F. (bottom center) opaque perspex cm 18.6x14.5 d) numbered EA X (bottom center) translucent perspex cm 18.7x14.5 e) monogram and numbering L.F. EA X (bottom center) steel 18.5x14.5 cm f) numbered EA X (bottom center) copper 18.6x14.5 cm. Made in 1968 by Du Soleil Noir editions in 80 copies numbered in Arabic numerals + 10 out-of-commerce HC copies numbered in Roman numerals (6). Bibliography: Harry Ruhé, Camillo RIgo, Lucio Fontana, graphics, multiples and more ..., Tuja Books, p.164. Fontana created this series of perforated sheets contained in a sculptural container as "illustrations" and contribution to a book by Otto Hahn about the French iconoclastic dramatist, actor, poet, artist and director Antonin Artaud (1896-1948). Through his theories of art and theater and his experiences with drug addiction, Artaud became a figure of enormous interest among artists in the 1960s.

Technique: Multiple

Measures: 21,00 x 37,00 x 7,00 cm

Year: 1968

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