Lot 0053

16 original watercolors by Antonio Calderara, signed on the back and numbered in sequence from 1 to 16. They are also the maquettes of an edition (1/54), made in Muggio in 1973 on the screen printing tables of Sam Villa. Antonio Calderara Archive, Milan authenticity certificate on photo. Provenance: Team Colore Gallery, Milan; Private collection, Rome. In the words of the Master this work represents the passage from the figurative to the abstract in its pictorial evolution: "The yellow memory of a sky, of a water and inside the mountain, the island, the shore. The reduction of the real to the limit of the natural and then a space no longer sky, no more water, an ideal space in which only orthogonal forms are organized in it. Horizontal, vertical, color, light, poetry ambition. "

Technique: Watercolours on paper

Measures: 7,50 x 16,00 cm

Year: 1972

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