1. Personal withdrawal: please contact the auction house and take an appointment (segreteria@capitoliumart.it). No lot will be delivered before the auction house has not received full payment.
  2. Shipping: For estimates and information please CLICK HERE
  3. Shipping by external courier: If the customer wishes to have the items collected by an external shipping company, the cost of packaging will be €25 per item. For quotes and information please email: spedizioni@capitoliumart.it
  4. Export from the Italian territory: Export of lots outside the territory of the Republic of Italy, especially items more than fifty years old, is subject to regulations under Legislative Decree 29/10/99 no. 490 (art. 65-72).Issue of the relevant certificates for free circulation is the responsibility of the buyer. Failure to provide or delay in the issuing of any licence does not constitute cause for termination or cancellation of the sale, or justify any delay in payment by the purchaser of the total amount due.